Playground Safety Inspections

Certified Playground Inspections The State of Michigan requires the following for all licensed child care facilities. All outdoor play area and equipment should be maintained in a safe condition, and inspected daily. Keep the outdoor play area protected from hazards by fence or natural barrier that is at least 48” high. Shaded areas must be available in summer.   If used,…read more

Community Build

Professional Guides to Make Your Installation a Success Our certified playground professionals can help to lead and direct your staff and volunteers in constructing your new playground.  By installing your playground in this way, you will have the benefits of  receiving a professional installation while saving thousands of dollars in construction costs.  The saved dollars…read more

Playground Maintenance Now

Playground Maintenance is a Top Priority!   Playground inspections should be completed periodically to prevent injuries and to circumvent major repair bills caused by lack of attention and  gradual deterioration over time.  Repairs need to be made in a timely manner. Michigan Playground Safety Inspections can provide you with a maintenance plan that can give…read more

Design Build

Design and Build Planning and building a playground is a major undertaking.  Budget, design, age group, location, environmental, safety surfacing, and much more are factors you need to consider when establishing your plan of action.  You want to make sure your playground consultant is experienced and competent.  Our playground staff has 15 years experience in…read more