Powells Bay


Product Specifications

Model Number:  PKP002 
Age Range:  2-12 years
Child Capacity:  13-15
Fall Height:  36″
Post Diameter:  3.5-inch
Product Type:  Quick Ship
Safety Zone:  21′ 9″ x 25′ 9″

ADA Accessibility

Elevated:  3 components
Ground Level:  2 components


Let your children enjoy their youth while they still can, with the Powells Bay play structure. Made up of a 36 inch high elevated platform, this play structure is accessible by a pod climber or by stairs. Once on the elevated platform of the play structure children can choose between a left turn slide and a right turn slide to slide off of, giving children a fun and exciting way to get off of the play structure. A ship’s wheel found on the ground level of the play structure provides the opportunity for on-ground, hands-on play, and it also makes the Powells Bay play structure ADA compliant. A pyramid roof covers part of the play structure, providing shade and protection from the sun to children playing on this play structure during sunny days. This play structure is designed for children who are between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

Additional information

Model Number:


Age Range:

2-12 years

Child Capacity:


Fall Height:


Post Diameter:


Product Type:

Quick Ship

Safety Zone:

21' 9" x 25' 9"


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